In the field of food processing equipment, the garlic splitter machine has been one of the focuses of attention. Because it is easy to cause damage to the intended by using the machine, Taizy Food Machinery’s new Garlic Clove Separator does not have this problem.

Conventional garlic splitter machines usually use a mechanical device or vibration system to separate the cloves from the garlic head. However, this method can lead to damage or waste of the garlic cloves. In contrast, garlic splitter machines that use soft rubber rollers can handle garlic more gently. This not only maintains the integrity of the garlic cloves but is effective in improving the separation efficiency.

The key to this technology lies in the design and material selection of the rubber rollers. The soft rubber rollers can adapt to different sizes and shapes of garlic. The rollers can be used to separate the cloves from the head of garlic in a way that mimics the way a person would peel garlic by hand. At the same time reduces the pressure and friction on the garlic cloves, avoiding damage and waste.

In addition to improving the separation efficiency, the garlic splitter machine with soft rubber rollers also has the advantages of simple operation and easy maintenance. As the rubber roller itself has a certain degree of elasticity and abrasion resistance, the machine can run stably for a long time without being easily damaged. It reduces the time and cost of downtime for maintenance.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises have begun to adopt this new type of garlic splitter machine. It is expected that with the further development and promotion of the technology, the soft rubber roller technology will become the mainstream trend in the garlic splitter machine industry, providing a more efficient and reliable solution for garlic processing.