Taizy Ginger Juicer Machine is a specialized appliance designed to extract juice from ginger roots efficiently. These machines are built to handle the tough, fibrous nature of ginger, making the juicing process easier and more effective than traditional juicers.

Our ginger juice extractor machine is a screw juicer that combines crushing and juicing in one operation, making it suitable for various fruits and vegetables, including apples, pears, carrots, aloe, and cactus.

best machine to juice ginger

If you want to get high-quality ginger juice, you can use a ginger cleaning machine to clean the ginger first.

Advantages of the Commercial Ginger Juicer Machine

High Efficiency and Capacity

The FXZ-5000 can process up to 5000 kg of raw material per hour, making it suitable for large-scale operations. This high capacity ensures that large quantities of ginger can be juiced quickly and efficiently.

Integrated Crushing and Juicing

This machine combines crushing and juicing in a single operation, which simplifies the process and saves time. The integrated system ensures that ginger is first crushed and then juiced, maximizing juice extraction.

crushing chamber
crushing chamber

Customizable Filter Size

The ginger juicer machine comes with a 0.6mm sieve, and the size of the filter holes can be customized according to user requirements.


Although designed for ginger, the Taizy ginger juice making machine is versatile and can process various fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, carrots, aloe, and cactus.

ginger juice
ginger juice

Technical Specifications of the Ginger Juice Extractor Machine

  • Capacity: 500 kg/h
  • Material: Made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  • Voltage: Operates at 380V, suitable for industrial use.
  • Power: Equipped with a powerful 3 kW motor.
  • Size: The ginger juice extractor machine’s dimensions are 1150x450x1450 mm, making it compact yet robust.
  • Screen: Features a 0.6 mm sieve for optimal juice extraction. The screen size can be customized based on user requirements.
  • Weight: The machine weighs 160 kg, providing stability during operation.
small ginger juice machine shipped to India
small ginger juice machine shipped to India

Above is the model number FXZ-500 Ginger Juice Machine. Besides this machine, we also have machines with outputs of 800-100kg/h, 1200-1500kg/h, 2000-2500kg/h and 4000-5000kg/h for sale. If you have a large ginger processing plant, we recommend that you purchase a machine with an output of 4000-5000kg/h.

Commercial Ginger Juicer Machine Working Principle

The ginger juice extracting machine is built with durability and precision in mind. Its core components include a sturdy frame, feed hopper, motor, crusher knife shaft, juicer spindle, spiral, chassis, juice collector, hand wheel, and residue chute.

The ginger juicer machine works by simultaneously rotating the juicer spindle and crusher knife shaft. As the ginger enters the feed hopper, it is broken down by the knife shaft and bottom knife, then falls into the juicer’s body. The spiral presses the ginger, forcing the juice through the sieve and into the juice collector, while the residue is expelled through the adjustable gap between the spiral and the conical section.

large scale ginger juice machine
large scale ginger juice machine

How to Choose the Right Ginger Juicer Machine?

Selecting the right commercial ginger juicer machine involves considering various factors to ensure you get the best value and performance for your business needs. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:


Determine how much ginger you need to process daily. For large-scale operations, choose a machine with a high processing capacity, such as the FXZ-5000 ginger juicer machine, which can handle up to 5000 kg/h.

Power and Motor

A powerful motor ensures the machine can handle tough, fibrous ginger roots without overheating or breaking down.
Ensure the machine’s voltage matches your facility‚Äôs electrical setup. Commercial juicers often require higher voltage (like 380V) for optimal performance.


Choose machines made from high-quality, food-grade materials like 304 stainless steel. This ensures durability, hygiene, and resistance to corrosion.

Ease of Use

Ginger juicer machines with simple controls and easy-to-follow instructions reduce the learning curve and improve efficiency.

Customization Options

Ginger juicer machines that allow you to adjust the pressure or change the filter size can provide more flexibility in the juicing process.

ginger juice making machine with a hoist
ginger juice making machine with a hoist

Why Choose Our Ginger Juicer Making Machine?

With its high capacity, adjustable sieve, and durable construction, the Taizy Ginger Juicer Making Machine is a superior choice for any business or home kitchen. Its ability to handle a wide range of fruits and vegetables makes it a versatile addition to any juicing operation. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a health-conscious individual, or a juice bar entrepreneur, this machine will help you extract the purest ginger juice with ease.

ginger juice extracting machine for sale
ginger juice extracting machine for sale

Maintenance and Care for Your Ginger Juicer Machine

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your ginger juicer machine, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning: Clean the machine thoroughly after each use, paying attention to the filter and other parts that come into contact with the juice.

Lubrication: Regularly lubricate moving parts to reduce wear and tear. Check the lubricant quality and replace it if it becomes dirty or degraded.

Inspection: Periodically check for signs of wear on the belts and replace them if necessary. Ensure the belts are neither too tight nor too loose.

Electrical Components: Monitor the motor for overheating and ensure all electrical connections are secure.

ginger juicer machine
ginger juicer machine

Where to Buy the Best Ginger Juicer Machine?

You can purchase the best Ginger Juicer Machine from our official website or from authorized distributors. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service to ensure you get the best juicing experience. For more information, please contact our sales team.