The egg peeling machine is a machine that automatically peels boiled eggs. This machine can peel 4000 eggs per hour. At the same time, it will not harm the eggs during the peeling process. This machine can peel not only hard boiled eggs but also quail eggs, duck eggs, and goose eggs.

egg shell remover machine

Why Choose Our Egg Peeling Machine?

  • The egg peeling machine is made of food machine 304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of hygiene and durability.
  • The machine utilizes the internal soft cushion and hose to turn on the eggs for peeling, the peeling process will not damage the eggs.
  • During the peeling process, the water flow will keep rinsing the eggs, which can ensure the cleanliness of the eggs.
  • The machine is highly automated and easy to operate. You only need to put the boiled eggs into the feeding port.
  • 304 stainless steel makes this machine easy to clean.
  • Taizy industrial egg peeling machine can shell eggs of all sizes.
peeled egg
peeled egg

Egg Peeler Machine Technical Parameters

machine to peel hard boiled eggs parameter

This is an egg peeler machine that can peel 4000 eggs per hour. The power of the machine is 350w, and the voltage is 220v. If you are looking for an efficient egg peeler machine for your egg processing plant, please feel free to contact us.

egg peeler machine
egg peeler machine

How Does an Egg Peeling Machine Shell Hard-Boiled Eggs?

First, the motor starts and operates the gears to provide mechanical power. The gear system further moves the cushion up and down. The cushion serves to stabilize the egg and provide moderate pressure. At the same time, the hose of the egg peeling machine begins a counter-rotating motion. The rotation of the hose creates friction, which in conjunction with the cushion rips the shell from the surface of the egg.

egg peeling machine
egg peeling machine

During the friction peeling process, a stream of water continuously rinses the egg. This not only improves the efficiency of shelling but also ensures the cleanliness of the egg. With the stabilizing support of the cushion, the friction of the hose, and the assistance of the water flow, the shell of the egg can be peeled off efficiently.

egg shell removing machine
egg shell removing machine

Application of Boiled Egg Peeler Machine

A hard boiled egg peeler machine is commonly used in major prepared food industries, such as manufacturers who make salads, sandwiches, and mayonnaise. This machine is also widely used in restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, brined egg processing plants, takeaway platforms, and so on. Meanwhile, you can also use this boiled egg peeler machine to peel duck eggs, quail eggs, goose eggs, and other eggs.

Automatic Egg Peeling Machine Manufacturer in China

Taizy Machinery is a professional food machinery manufacturer in China. Our company’s egg peeling machine utilizes advanced technology, including a motor-driven gear system, soft cushion, rotating hose, and water flow which ensures a clean and efficient egg shelling process.

egg shell remover machine
egg shell remover machine

Apart from egg peeling machines, we also have a wide range of egg processing machines for sale such as egg grading machines, egg washing machines, and so on. For more information about Taizy Food Machine’s automatic egg peeling machines, please contact their sales team.

How to Use an Industrial Egg Peeling Machine?

  1. First, ensure the machine is set up correctly with all components in place.
  2. Then, place the eggs gently into the designated slots or trays, making sure not to overcrowd them for optimal peeling results.
  3. Next, activate the machine according to its instructions, typically involving a motor-driven gear system that moves a soft pad up and down while rubber tubes rotate against each other to create friction.
  4. During this process, water flow aids in peeling the eggshells off the surface smoothly.
  5. Once the peeling cycle is complete, Peeled eggs will be discharged through the exit.


Is It Necessary to Pre-Boil Eggs Before Using an Egg Shell Remover Machine?

Yes, this machine requires eggs to be pre-boiled before the peeling process. Boiling helps in loosening the eggshell, making it easier for the machine to peel.

How Long Does It Take to Peel Eggs Using an Egg Peeling Machine?

The time taken to peel eggs varies depending on the machine’s capacity and the number of eggs being processed. Our egg peeling machine can peel up to 4,000 eggs per hour.

Can Egg Shell Remover Machine Handle Fragile or Soft-Boiled Eggs?

egg shell remover machines are designed to handle eggs that are properly boiled and have a firm egg white. Soft-boiled or fragile eggs are not suitable for these machines.

Can Egg Shelling Machines Be Used in Commercial Food Processing?

Yes, egg shell removing machines are commonly used in commercial food processing facilities such as restaurants, bakeries, and egg processing plants to streamline the egg peeling process and improve efficiency.