Taizy Garlic Color Sorter can effectively replace the manual sorting of scarred garlic, garlic in the skin, garlic skin, and other impurities in garlic according to the differences in color and shape. The sorting accuracy of the Taizy Garlic Color Sorting Machine can reach 99%!

garlic color sorter
garlic color sorter

Garlic Color Sorter in Garlic Processing Line

A complete garlic processing machine line includes a garlic separator machine, a garlic peeling machine, and a garlic color sorter. The garlic clove color sorter is the last garlic processing machine in the garlic processing machine line. From this video, you can see how the garlic color sorting machine works.

garlic processing line

Why Choose Our Garlic Color Sorting Machine?

Wide Range of Production Capacities

The garlic color sorting machine is available in various production capacities ranging from 800 kg/h to 1500-5000 kg/h, catering to different processing needs.

Unique Dust-Proof Structure

Its dust-proof structure prevents contamination and ensures high stability during color sorting operations.

Computer Control with Professional Software

The garlic color sorting machine is equipped with computer control and specialized software embedded in an industrial touch computer. This allows for precise parameter setting through image comparison and enables automatic sampling and one-touch operation.

Low Rejection Rate

Utilizing 6K ultra-high-resolution cameras and ultra-small ejectors, the garlic color sorter achieves a low rejection rate, optimizing product yield and reducing waste.

LED Cold Light Source

The LED cold light source provides shadow-free sorting, ensuring accurate color detection and sorting performance.

Automatic Fault Detection

The sorter features automatic fault detection, providing peace of mind during operation and facilitating troubleshooting.

garlic clove color sorting machine
garlic clove color sorting machine

Garlic Color Sorter Machine Technical Parameters

garlic color sorting machine

Above is the parameter of the garlic colour sorter machine with a capacity of 800kg/h. Besides this machine, we also have many garlic color sorters with capacities of 1500kg/h, 5000kg/h, and so on for sale.

garlic color sorter machine in garlic peeling line
garlic color sorter machine in garlic peeling line

How Does Garlic Clove Color Sorting Machine Work?

The Taizy garlic clove color sorting machine will first feed the garlic into the sorting box through a vibrating feeder. Then the color information of garlic is detected by using image processing sensors and light sources. Then the control system drives the jet solenoid valve to separate the off-color particles, finally realizing the accurate sorting of garlic.

working effect
working effect

Application of Garlic Color Sorter

Garlic color sorter can sort cashews, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, green beans, peas, soybeans, coffee beans, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, goji berries, raisins, and many other materials. If you are not sure if your raw material can be used with this color sorter, please contact us through the pop-up window in the lower right corner.