Taizy egg grading machine classifies eggs into 5 and 7 grades using automatic weighing. The eggs will not be damaged during the egg grading process. We have stainless steel egg grading machines and carbon steel egg grader machines for sale according to different customers’ needs.

egg sorter machine video

Working Principle of Egg Grading Machine

The egg grading process is described below. First, the worker puts the eggs into the front of the egg grading machine using an egg vacuum loading device equipped on the machine. The egg unit can load up to 30 eggs at a time without damaging the eggs.

vacuum loading device
vacuum loading device

The egg conveyor then transports the eggs to the egg grading machine for grading. Rubberized rollers on the machine ensure that the eggs move at a constant speed. This effectively causes damage to the eggs.

Subsequently, as the eggs pass through the light inspection area, non-conforming eggs will be detected. At this point, these eggs need to be manually selected. Finally, eggs of different grades come out of different exits.

By the way, the egg grading machine is important in the egg cleaning production line. Users and customers can complete this egg cleaning process by combining the egg washing machine and egg air dryer.

egg processing factory
egg processing factory

Main Function of Egg Grader Machine

  1. An egg suction device can help you load eggs quickly, which in turn improves the efficiency of egg grading.
  2. This machine can accurately divide the eggs into different grades according to the set parameters.
  3. The sorting machine adopts automation technology, which can automatically complete the operations of weighing, grading, and classifying eggs.
  4. The egg grader machine is equipped with an optical detection function that can detect the eggs with embryo and cracked eggs.
  5. The machine can be customized according to the user’s needs, including grading grade, grading accuracy, and other parameters.
  6. Eggs can also be graded for duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, and many other eggs.

Different Models of Egg Sorting Machine

Currently, we have 4 different models of egg sorting machines for sale, the models are TZ-3700, TZ-4000, TZ-5000, TZ-5400, and TZ-10000. The corresponding production capacity is 3000pcs/h, 4000pcs/h, 5000pcs/h, 5400pcs/h, and 10000pcs/h. This means that no matter whether you want a large egg grading equipment or a small egg sorting machine, our machines can meet your needs. Below are the parameters of the different models of egg sorters.

small egg grader machine
small egg grader machine

Egg Grading Machine Parameters

egg sorter machine parameters

With the above parameter table, you can know the output, power, size, voltage, and other information of the egg grading machine. The output of an egg grading machine is determined by the number of rows to be graded. The machine with more rows of egg feed has a higher output.

our factory
our factory

Egg Grader Machine Price

The price of an Egg grader machine can vary based on several factors such as the brand, model, capacity, and additional features.

Typically, stainless steel Egg grader machines tend to be priced higher due to their durability and hygienic properties, while carbon steel options may offer a more budget-friendly choice without compromising functionality.

In addition, the price of an egg grader machine with light detection is a bit higher than that of a regular egg grader.

It’s crucial to consider not just the initial cost but also long-term maintenance expenses and the machine’s suitability for your specific egg grading needs.

egg sorting machine
egg sorting machine

Application Scenario of Egg Sorter Machine

The egg sorter machine is suitable for all sizes of egg processing factories, farms, farms, supermarkets, the catering industry, and other places, widely used in the egg production and food processing industry. 3700pcs/h-10000pcs/h egg grading range can meet the different sizes and needs of users.

working process
working process

Guides for Choosing the Best Egg Grader Machine

  1. First of all, you should clarify your needs, including the number of eggs to be graded per day, grading accuracy requirements, budget range, etc.
  2. According to the demand and budget, choose the suitable model and specification of the egg grader machine. Pay attention to consider the machine’s capacity, grading accuracy, degree of automation, and other factors.
  3. During the purchase process, pay attention to verifying whether the performance parameters and functions of the machine meet the demand and whether the quality and safety of the product meet the standard.
  4. When purchasing the egg grader machine, understand the supplier’s after-sales service policy, including warranty period, maintenance methods, parts supply, and other aspects.
taizy egg grading machine
Taizy automatic egg grading machine

The Development Trend of Egg Grading Machine

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the egg grading machine industry tends to have a higher level of automation and intelligence. Customer demand for intelligent equipment that can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs is increasing.

At the same time, the market demand for egg grading machines is also becoming more and more diversified, not only a single function of the grading machine, but also with optical detection, data recording, and analysis of a variety of functions such as all-purpose grading machines.

egg grader machine
egg grader machine

Customers are also increasing their demand for customized services, as they want to be able to customize their egg grading machines to meet their specific needs.

Taizy Food Machine, as a reputable machine manufacturer in China, can fulfill the above-mentioned needs of our customers with our egg grading machines.