Taizy onion root cutting machine is a machine that removes the heads and tails of onions. The machine is characterized by a small removal rate and a high yield. As a practical onion processing machine, the onion root cutter machine can also be used in conjunction with an onion peeler machine.

onion head and tail cutter machine

Advantages of the Onion Root Cutting Machine

  1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, featuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  2. Simple operation. Just press a few buttons for easy operation.
  3. Automatic feeding, automatic root cutting.
  4. The onion root cutting machine will only remove the roots and stems of the onion, which has the advantage of a high finished product rate.
  5. It can be combined with onion peeling machine to form an onion peeling and root cutting production line.
  6. The thickness of the cutting can be adjusted.

Onion Root Cutter Machine Technical Parameters

onion head and tail cutting machine

The output of this onion root cutter machine is 500kg per hour. The voltage is 380v. The weight is 30kg. if you want to know more about this machine, please contact us.

onion root cutter
onion root cutter

Working Principle of Onion Root Cutting Machine

The stainless steel conveyor belt of the onion root cutting machine is equipped with several U-shaped onion head clamping cards. When the worker places the onion on it, the onion clamping cards will automatically clamp the onion.

When the conveyor belt takes the onion bushes to the cutting area, the upper and lower sets of rotating blades will automatically remove the roots and stems of the onions. The cut onions will finally come out of the discharge port.

The distance between the knives inside the onion can be adjusted as needed.

onion head and tail cutting machine
onion head and tail cutting machine

Why Choose Our Onion Head and Tail Cutting machine?

Apart from cutting onions, this onion root cutting machine can also cut kiwis, lemons and other ingredients. As long as the diameter of the ingredient is greater than 5cm, this machine can handle it. If your raw material is smaller than 5cm, we can also provide customized service. Therefore this machine is widely used in onion processing plants, food factories, restaurants, central kitchens, and other places.

onion root cutting machine
onion root cutting machine