The garlic grading machine can divide garlic into different grades according to its size. The automated garlic sorting machine can divide garlic into 3-6 grades. We can customize multiple grades according to the number of grades the customer wants. In our company, we also have garlic processing machines such as garlic peeling machines and garlic bulb separating machines.

garlic grading machine
garlic grading machine

How Is Garlic Graded?

The garlic grading machine can circulate garlic forward by rotating a roller bar conveyor belt. Adjusting the spacing between the roller bar and the roller bar allows the garlic to be graded from small to large. The spacing of each section can be set freely according to the customer’s requirement of the material.

garlic grading machine

First of all, workers need to put the garlic into the garlic grading machine. Under the effect of gravity, the garlic will lay flat on the surface of the rolling bar in a single layer by itself.

The diameters of the roll bars are arranged from small to large. Garlic with a diameter smaller than the gap of the roll bar falls into the receiving basket at this level. Garlic that is larger than this gap size continues to move forward until it falls into a receiving basket that is smaller than that size.

garlic grader machine
garlic grader machine

Structure of Garlic Grading Machine

The garlic grading machine is composed of a frame, reducer, reducer cover, sprocket cover, conveyor chain, roller bar, discharge hopper, tensioning screw, tensioning baffle, active shaft, driven shaft, driven sprocket, active sprocket, reducer sprocket, and other parts.

machine details
machine details

Garlic Grader Machine Parameter

garlic grader machine for sale

This is the parameter of the garlic grader machine which can divide garlic into 4 grades. The power of this machine is 3kw and the voltage is 380v. the dimensions are 310x200x140cm.

Features of Garlic Sorting Machine

  1. The garlic sorting machine is made of stainless steel.
  2. We can configure spraying devices, water collecting tanks, and waste fruit collecting and conveying devices according to customers’ needs.
  3. We can customize multiple grading levels and garlic grading sizes.
  4. Adjustable grading speed.
  5. The grading process will not cause damage to the garlic.
garlic bulb grading machine
garlic bulb grading machine

Customization for Specific Needs

One of the standout features of garlic grading machines is their ability to be customized according to customer preferences. This includes customizing the number of grading levels and the size of each level to align with desired grading standards, production capacity, and specific garlic size requirements. Such customization options ensure that the machine meets the unique needs of various agricultural and food processing operations.

Application of Garlic Grading Machine

Garlic size grading machines can not only grade garlic but also vegetables and fruits such as oranges, lemons, dates, potatoes, apples, mangosteen, onions, walnuts, mangoes, and so on. In addition, this machine can also grade long rows of fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and eggplants. Therefore, this machine is widely used in fruit and vegetable processing plants, garlic processing plants, plantations, and other places.

Choosing the Right Garlic Grading Machine

Selecting the appropriate garlic grading machine involves considering several factors such as production volume, desired grading precision, available space, and budget constraints. It’s essential to consult with industry experts and suppliers to determine the most suitable machine that aligns with specific operational requirements and goals.

garlic sorting machine for sale
garlic sorting machine for sale

What Are the Different Sizes of Garlic?

Garlic size grades are usually categorized based on the size of the diameter of the garlic bulb. The following are common garlic size grades. At the same time, our garlic grading machine can divide garlic into the following grades.

Small: Garlic bulbs are approximately 1.25 inches (3.175 cm) or less in diameter. The garlic cloves are relatively small and are good for dishes that require a subtle garlic flavor.

Medium: Garlic bulbs are approximately 1.25 inches (3.175 cm) to 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in diameter. Garlic cloves are medium in size and can be used in a variety of cooking styles.

Large: Garlic bulbs are approximately 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) to 1.75 inches (4.445 cm) in diameter. The garlic cloves are relatively large and have a strong garlic flavor, making them ideal for dishes that require a strong garlic flavor.

Extra Large: Garlic bulbs over 1.75 inches (4.445 cm) in diameter. Very large cloves with a strong garlic flavor for dishes that require a particularly strong garlic flavor.